What I Do As A Wedding Celebrant

Pssst, do you want to know a secret?!

On so many occasions when I tell people I’m a Wedding Celebrant they respond with a seemingly knowing “wow” followed by a quizzical look and sometimes a, “So what exactly is that?”

To unveil the mystery let me explain exactly what I do as a Wedding Celebrant.

There is so much to do when organising a wedding and so many different ideas of what a wedding should look like and who can do what for you.

I’m hoping that my explanation will answer some of your questions and reveal the myth about Wedding Celebrants.

There are two main parts to a wedding, the legalities & the celebration.

The Legalities

You can get married by a Civil Ceremony or a Religious Ceremony.

In both cases, the following legal requirements must be met:-

  • The marriage must be conducted by a person or in the presence of a person authorised to register marriages in the district.
  • The marriage must be entered in the marriage register and signed by both parties, two witnesses, the person who conducted the ceremony and, if that person is not authorised to register marriages, the person who is registering the marriage.

Authorised venues include Places of Worship, Hotels, Stately Homes and Civic venues to name some. These venues will offer bespoke Wedding Packages and, particularly in light of the backlog of wedding due to COVID19 many of these venues are booked for years in advance.

This is where a Celebrant is important.

At the time of writing a Celebrant is not authorised to register marriages.

For many couples the most important part of their wedding is not the five minute process of making the union legal, it is more about the rest of the day and the elements included in their ceremony that makes it unique and special to them.

Couples who choose to have a Celebrant led wedding will make arrangements to cover the legal side separately, often visiting the local Registry Office a day or two earlier, avoiding busy times.

And then the fun begins………………..

You choose your venue, without the restrictions of it needing to be licensed for weddings, and plan the day of your dreams.

If you want a beach at sunset, your favourite pub, a hotel that holds special memories but isn’t authorised for weddings or even a favourite beauty spot. As long as you can book the venue, you can plan the day you dream of.

On the day, your Celebrant will conduct the ceremony from your entrance as two individuals, to you leaving as a couple.

Your Celebrant will help with your choice of music, any readings, the stories you want to tell and most importantly the promises you make and vows you share. You may wish to include some personal elements such as Hand-Tying, Band Warming or a Unity Candle Ceremony.

You are free to use the Celebrant of your choice. Why not choose me, Denise Durband, Oaklands Celebrants?  I will work with you to listen to your stories, learn how you met and the hopes and dreams you have for your future. I will weave these into a truly unique and bespoke ceremony creating the day of your dreams.

You can contact me by telephone on 07718 584575 or email at denise@oaklandscelebrants.co.uk.

Thanks Denise x

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