What I Do As A Funeral Celebrant

The Secret Revealed!

On so many occasions when I tell people I’m a celebrant they respond with a seemingly knowing “wow” followed by a quizzical look and sometimes a, “So what exactly is that?”

So to unveil the mystery let me explain exactly what I do as a Funeral Celebrant.

Death is a very taboo subject in the UK and I’m hoping that my explanation will answer some of your questions and reveal the myth of what a funeral “has” to look like with the reality of what it can look like.

There are two main parts to a funeral: the practical side of things & the more personal side of things.

The Practical Side

The practical side is handled by your Funeral Director, they will guide you through the legalities of death and the assist with things such as; choice of coffin, cars for family and mourners, whether to have a cremation or burial, booking time slots, visiting the deceased and many others. They are good at their jobs, deal with you at a very personal level and are there to help you.

The Personal Side

And then we come to the more personal side of a funeral, the part that deals with the life of the deceased and the memories and legacy they have left.

Those of faith mostly choose to hold a religious service in their place of worship or have a representative from there conduct a service at the site of the burial or cremation.

If the choice is not to have a religious service, for whatever reason, then a Celebrant is the perfect choice.

A Celebrant will prepare a ceremony exactly how the family, or indeed the deceased wants. This is not simply a case of writing and delivering a eulogy, it is coordinating everything from the arrival to departure and will include readings, music, thank yous and the actual committal, whether this is a cremation, traditional burial or Natural or Eco Burial.

To Honour The Personal Story

At Oaklands Celebrants I will work very closely with the family to honour the personal story of the deceased as well as supporting those who are left behind.

I will meet with you, virtually at the moment, to talk through to the life of the deceased, the stories you have to tell and the memories you cherish. I will weave these into a completely bespoke ceremony in tribute to your loved one.

Many Funeral Directors will offer you an in house service, however, you are free to use the Celebrant of your choice, so why not choose me, Denise Durband, Oaklands Celebrants.  You can reach me by telephone on 07718 584575 or email at denise@oaklandscelebrants.co.uk.

Denise x

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