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“When you realise you want to spend the rest of your life with somebody, you want the rest of your life to start as soon as possible.”
When Harry Met Sally

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Congratulations! Partnering with your loved one for life is a joyous thing, and if you’re looking to organise a special ceremony to officially mark the start of your story together, then I’m glad you’ve found Oaklands Celebrants.


“I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.” Maya Angelou

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Without the restriction of legalities, a celebrant is a person who can make your wedding day unique and special to you as a couple, weaving through it some or none of the traditional aspects you might want, setting the length for the formal part of the ceremony and creating a focal point to the day.

What many love most about having a celebrant oversee the formal part of their day is that the ceremony can take place anywhere. Unlike a registrar, or someone conducting a religious ceremony, with a Celebrant you can hold your ceremony on a beach, in a garden, in your home... wherever feels special to you and your partner.

As far as the ceremony goes there are no rules either; so whatever you want – from a canine bridesmaid to dancing down the aisle! – your celebrant will work with you to create a day unique to your own love story.
The legal side of the wedding is something I can support you with in terms of the process. It doesn’t matter whether it’s before or after the ceremony, but it’s obtaining a marriage license and signed wedding certificate that will make your marriage legal. Most couples choose to do this before the celebration, so that they are legally married prior to their wedding.

My priority is to ensure you feel familiar with me prior to the wedding day itself; so that you see me as a friend at your wedding, rather than just someone providing a service. I do this by building a relationship with you via numerous meetings and contact before the ceremony, getting to know who you are as individuals, as well as who you are as a couple.

For me this is vital for you to get the most out of having Oaklands Celebrants at your wedding, as it means I can truly do justice to your wedding day. I’ll learn to understand the language and humour you use as a couple so that the ceremony can reflect this.

I’ll get to know any important dynamics in your family and the relationships you have with those dearest to you. I’ll relish and make note of your stories together so I can create an atmosphere on the day that is entirely your own.

The beauty of using a celebrant is your day will be completely unique; your own special way to start your lives together.

I will support you throughout the planning process, so if you have no idea what you want at all, then do not fear; I’m here to help. What I find is that most people know what they’d like or wouldn’t like from weddings they’ve already been to. For example, they like the exchanging of rings, but don’t like traditional vows. We can use all this as a starting point to craft your special day, also adding in extra details such as handfasting, candle lighting, tree planting, a sand ceremony and more.

My promise to you, as you embark on your lifetime commitment to each other, is that throughout the wedding planning and ceremony, and beyond, I will respect your unique love story and give it the time and energy it deserves.


“Love itself is what is left behind when being in love has burned away” Captain Correlli’s Mandolin

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Other Services

Renewal of Vows

“Whatever our souls are made of, his and mine are the same.”
Emily Brönte


Renewing your vows in front of your nearest and dearest with a bespoke ceremony from Oaklands Celebrants is a very special occasion indeed.

There are so many reasons couples choose to do this. Perhaps their original day wasn’t what they’d hoped for with limited guest numbers or finances tight.  Years later they want an excuse to make it the day they should have had. I’ve seen couples go through tough times who seek out a renewal of vows ceremony to show the world the strength of their commitment and love for one another. Or it can even be a wonderful way to honour a landmark anniversary with children and grandchildren in tow.

Story-telling is the magical part for me, and I love to hear the stories you’ve shared over the years as we plan your renewal of vows ceremony. My role is to weave the highlights of your years together to form a tapestry to share on your special day; a role which I am privileged to have.

So whether you fancy a cosy garden party celebration or a beach party under the stars, I would be honoured to support you in creating a renewal of vows ceremony to remember.

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Speech Writing & Delivery

Finding and delivering the right words for an occasion can be extremely difficult, particularly when personal emotion comes into play, or when there’s a fear of public speaking.

Whether you’re the Best man, Bride or Groom, Oaklands Celebrants will support you in finding the perfect words, then crafting them into a speech which does justice to the way you feel. Should you wish, I can coach you to deliver your words with confidence on the day or deliver them for you, whichever way your words will be heard.

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Seeking a Ceremony with the Utmost Care, Compassion and Attention To Detail in North West England and Merseyside? Oaklands Celebrants can Perform a Bespoke Ceremony for Weddings, Funerals, Naming Ceremonies and More...

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