Renewal of Vows, I Do, Take Two!


WOW 2020 where do you even begin ? 

It seems like a lifetime ago that we said goodbye to 2019 and welcomed in a new decade, 2020.

Full of promises to ourselves and to others. This was going to be the year. The one that saw you change, saw you take a step nearer to your goals, reach for the skies, aim for the moon knowing that the stars would always be there to catch you.Renewal of vows

And then it hit us – like a 10 tonne truck and from March our lives were turned upside down, inside out and back to front.

Life as we knew it didn’t exist. Many of us were locked down juggling working from home, keeping active, educating children and learning to co-exist all day everyday. 

And here we are now, rapidly approaching the year end still not knowing quite what has happened or what is still to come.

For most, lockdown has had a massive impact on relationships, a house filled with noise, and activity with little or no place to hide. There have been struggles and uncertainty with finances, jobs, education, health and our futures.

So, what did you learn about your relationship during lockdown?

I’m hoping that you learnt exactly how strong you are as a couple, supporting each other through one of the biggest crisis the World has seen in recent years. It’s probably not always been plain sailing and I’m sure you’ve had times when you want to run and hide. The secret of a long marriage is to not both want to do this at the same time!!

“The Couples who are meant to be, are the ones that go through everything that supposed to tear them apart and come out stronger!”

The world will smile again, hopefully sooner rather than later, and as it smiles you need something to look forward to. A way to celebrate everything that you’ve come through as a couple and as a family.

Perhaps you have realised after being in lockdown with your partner that they really are your soul mate and you wish to renew your vows.  It may be that the distress and uncertainty in the world at the moment has made you reconcile with a partner and your love has been reignited!  

Whatever the story this is a very special time to renew your vows of love, surrounded by those who are special to you. 

It’s entirely up to you where you hold your ceremony, on a beach, at your own home, in a place that’s special to you  or even virtually if you don’t want to wait until lockdown restrictions are over. How many people do you know that could say that they had a virtual vow renewal?

The vows you say to each other will hold so much more meaning as you’ll write these yourselves (with help from me should you need it).

Vow renewals are often held to mark special milestone anniversaries or when couples have faced tough times, and they probably won’t get any tougher than 2020.

So, if you’re ready to say “I Do, Take two” let’s get talking, let’s get planning and let’s get EXCITED!!

Why not get in touch with Denise from Oaklands Celebrants?  She would love to hear from and chat over ideas to make your day truly unique and special.  Email address –, telephone number – 07718 584575.

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