“If the plan doesn’t work change the plan, not the goal “

COVID 19 and the ever-changing rules and guidelines have played havoc with all of our lives. One of the many casualties of the closing of Hotels and Venues has been Couples who have been forced to cancel or postpone their 2020 Wedding and those who are concerned about the availability of venues in 2021 and beyond.

Many licensed venues book weddings years in advance and finding availability in the next few years is seeming impossible. I have spoken to several newly engaged couples who are really concerned that they will have to wait years before they can book their wedding or settle for “second best” if they want to get married at the time they planned.

But there are other options and using Wedding Celebrant will give you greater flexibility and many more options for the wedding of your dreams.

Yes, you will need to visit a Registrar for the legal formalities, (obviously under whatever COVID guidelines are in place at the time) but this can be a simple visit with just the Wedding Couple and witnesses and can be completed whenever is convenient, even on a weekday if the popular Friday and Saturday appointments are booked.

The magic then begins ………using a Wedding Celebrant, you can plan the day of your dreams at whatever venue you choose without the restrictions of needing the venue to be licensed for Weddings.

Without the restrictions the world really is your oyster and you can include as many, or as few special elements into you day which perfectly suit you as a couple and your hopes and dreams for the future.

Do you love the outdoors and have a special natural venue in mind?

Do you have an amazing family home and garden?

A love of art and a beautiful gallery would be your dream venue or was it a love of sport that brought you together?

If you can book the venue, we can hold your Wedding Ceremony there.

And so despite all of the confusion and turmoil caused by COVID restrictions your goal can remain intact, we simply need to change the plan.

Contact me and lets get planning!

Denise x

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